Why Me?

I am passionate about your wedding story
capturing precious moments is what I do best

Get the popcorn, I offer a different kind of wedding film, produced with love, care & all things nice. You have a story worth telling, I’d love to be the one to tell it. I don’t compromise on quality & every couple is a personal project.

Romanza Films is the creation of Nicholas de Kock a passionate individual that started to live out his obsession for visual story telling. Married to his kindergarten sweetheart Mari, a gorgeous artist along with their dwarf rabbit Buttons the three live out their passions, well Buttons the rabbit mostly eats hay.

The Process

loving moments

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How about Some Fun Facts about me?

Years of Stories
Cups of Coffee
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Romanza Films is a creative studio dedicated
to crafting meaningful stories


Who I Am?

It started with a dream

I work day-in and day-out to bring you an amazing film.

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Nicholas de Kock

Filmmaker, Editor, Designer & Coffee Addict



A glimpse of work I’ve done for
hopeless romantics

Vittorio & Angela

Stefan en Chereen

Pieter en Megan

Chris & Candace

Jonathan & Natalie

Andreas & Theoni

Stephen & Vanessa

Dale & Sabeeha

Anthony & Kirsten

Thinus en Arzaan

Debbie & Devy

Daniel & Carla

Divan en Maxine

Stefan en Chanelle

Zerilda & Johnny

Marc & Christie

Roelof en Jo-Lee

Julian & Natasha

Jacques en Jeanne

Johan en Marné

Riaan en Chani

Ian & Sam

Gerrit en Janie

Marco & Joanna

Ross & Claudia

Dino & KC

Johan en Carla

Trevor & Lynn


“my love for you grows more everyday
thank you for all the good times”


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